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Steps to Selling Your House, What You Need to Know

In a perfect world, the idea of selling a house or condo should be as easy as throwing up a sign, accepting an offer, handing over keys, and voila! You’ve sold a home. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case and there are a few steps that need to be taken in order to sell...

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10 Tips for Buying New Construction Condos

10 Tips for Buying New Construction Condos

10 Tips for Buying New Construction Condos - Buying a brand-new condominium means that you will be the first to live in that unit, is always a good thing? Just like buying a new car, you will be the first one to break it in and discover any errors, mistakes or...

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Can I Give Money to the Buyers at Closing for Repairs?

Can I Give Money to the Buyers at Closing for Repairs?

After an accepted offer, my sellers received the inspection report back from the buyers of their house. The inspection report stated that the property needed a new roof. They asked my sellers to pay for the entire roof but we negotiated down to about half the quoted...

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How to Consolidate Credit Card Debt and Save Money

Consolidating credit cards – Ridding yourself of the stress If you have been using credit cards as per your choice, you may already have fallen deep into debt. So, what now, when you already have incurred quite a lot of debts? What are the options which may be helpful...

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What to Know Before Renting Your Condo

There are a lot of people in Panama City Beach that purchase a condominium in order to rent it out. The thought of being your own landlord is an appealing financial venture but there's more to just collecting a check every month. Here are five aspects that all...

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What to Look for to Get a Discount on a Condo Purchase

Instead of looking for your dream home are you looking for a great discount? Many first-time buyers simply look at the outside surface of a property rather than really digging deep to get exactly what they want at a great price. It's easy to be distracted by great...

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