4 Items Your Condo Rental Should Have

If you own a condominium or vacation rental property and plan on renting it out to tenants or vacation renters there are some things you should have automatically in the home for your renter. Now, the things are not required but if you’re going to rent out a condominium that has a kitchen, a bedroom with some storage space and a dining room it’s best to have these four items for your guests.

A fully equipped kitchen.4 Items Your Condo Rental Should Have

If you plan on buying a condominium or renting a condominium that has a kitchen, meaning that it has an oven and/or stove, microwave, refrigerator, sink, and cabinets you should offer some cooking and eating utensils for your guests. It’s best to offer a general set of at least four plates, four small plates, four bowls, eight forks, spoons and knives, serving utensils, knives, several glasses, wine glasses, juice glasses and mugs, a skillet, a couple pots and pans, baking sheet, baking dish, and serving platters. You’ll also want to have a coffee maker and perhaps offer items to make coffee such as filters, sugar, cream or packets and artificial sweeteners. You’ll also want to make sure that there are cleaners under the sink for dishes and sponges and kitchen towels for cleanup.


Especially if you own a home near the beach, you’ll want to supply several towels, blankets, and beach towels for your guests. If your home has a washer and dryer in the unit this makes for extremely easy cleanup. You’ll want to offer numerous towels for the bathroom, washroom towels, hand towels and kitchen towels.


Of course this is not required but it adds a few more perks to renting out your unit versus others. You might have a DVD player or VCR with movies, a CD player with numerous beach themed CDs and music, books and magazines or even magazines on local events, things to do and activities.


Equipment can vary from beach balls and beach umbrellas to vacuum cleaners, mops and brooms. If you have all of these extra things in a closet it helps housekeeping when it comes time to clean up and it also helps your guests to clean up after themselves and have numerous activities and items to play with while on vacation. Also, you should have the basics for living such as couches, table and chairs, coffee table, beds, night stands, dressers, closet space, etc..

The biggest things to think about what you would use when you are in the condominium on vacation. Either items you would like to leave and have access to at all times? Consider your guests and how they will want to vacation and once your condo is set up for your self and your guests, you won’t have to worry about hauling too much to the beach.