Individual Panama City Beach Condo Owners Vs. National

There are a lot of big name, national condominium rental websites out there. When you’re talking about a vacation rental or one of the real estate websites, they all dominate the first page of any search engine result. The reason for this is obvious; lots of marketing dollars spent in all the right places. It’s no secret that search engines tend to gravitate towards companies that will spend the most of their marketing dollars on search engine optimization and first-page search engine results. But what about the individual condo owners that may be able to give you a better deal?Individual Panama City Beach Condo Owners Vs. National

At Condo that’s exactly what we do. We are more of a small-town operation dealing specifically with Panama City Beach and the surrounding Bay County area. We are not national so we tend to offer the best and most accurate information on individual condominium owners, condo buildings and the amenities therein. We highlight all of the best and most popular condominium buildings along the oceanfront in downtown Panama City Beach and offer condominium owners top billing when it comes to advertising their individual condo on our website.

This gives us access to numerous discounts and coupons or options for our condo renters, vacation renters or condo buyers. Many of these national websites charge condo owners exorbitant fees that they simply can’t pay, especially if a homeowner owns just one or two condominiums. Instead, we offer a referral system so that any time you buy or rent from a condo owner in the area, we received part of the commission. You don’t have to pay for your spot before it’s rented. This gives our condo owners the freedom to be able to advertise their listing on more websites and get the information out to the right renters or condo buyers.

So, when it comes time to rent a vacation condo or even buy a condo in Panama City Beach who should you turn to? Probably the professionals that know the area rather than a national chain that simply spends millions of dollars