How an HOA Works on a Condo You Don’t Occupy Year Round

Whether you own a single-family home, a townhouse or a condo often you are left wondering what it is your HOA (Home Owners Association) will be providing for you. With HOA fees associated with your mortgage, many questions arise regarding the work that is being completed with your funds. Of course, each individual home has it’s own specific rules, regulations, and benefits so be sure to look at your HOA details in depth. Today we will be taking a closer look at how an HOA can benefit you and your vacation home.

We all dream of having a vacation home, a home away from home, this can be made possible by purchasing a condo in a prime vacation spot next to the beach. With the sand and waves close be often we forget about the busy life at home and are ready to unwind and relax as soon as we step foot inside. With vacation homes, you are left worrying about what will happen during the months you are away. Will your home be left in shambles, your roof leaking, will a tree be down and causing damage to your roof, walls or roof, perhaps the lawn will be overgrown and your curb appeal will decrease with each passing day. Luckily, when you have an HOA, many of your worries will be dissolved.

While you’re home and in your normal day-to-day working schedule, the last thing you should be concerned about is the current standing of your vacation home. Take a breather and relax, your home away from home will not only be patiently waiting for you but will be just as beautiful as it was when you left it. Depending on the HOA that you are associated with, the majority of HOA’s will do a variety of different up keeping tasks to not only maintain but also continuously improve your property, even when you aren’t present. Imagine the surprise to coming back to your condo to find new roses planted or new improvement sprinkled throughout your community.  Your first day back to your vacation home you will see perfectly polished lawns, lush, trimmed greenery, picturesque sparkling pools, swept sidewalks and much more.

While you may not be there to dust your entertainment center, a quick little clean up will have your vacation home ready in no time at all. With an HOA to count on you will be ready to grab a good book, towel and some sunscreen and head on over to your favorite spot on the beach before you know it. Dig your toes in the sand and enjoy everything your vacation home has to offer you. If you’re beginning your search for the perfect new beach front home, contact a realtor today and they can assist you in finding the perfect hidden gem and will be able to help to answer any and all questions you may have not only regarding your upcoming condo purchase, but regarding HOA fees, benefits and what could fit your families needs. Your vacation starts here.