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WHAT WE DO: We understand that you can use any website to search for Panama City Beach Condos for sale but b is different than searching. We have a FREE Proven 10 point condo buying checklist that not only helps buy the condo of your dreams at a lower price than other buyers. Fill out your Personal Condo Profile and let us do the work, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you love

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How an HOA Works on a Condo You Don’t Occupy Year Round

Whether you own a single-family home, a townhouse or a condo often you are left wondering what it is your HOA (Home Owners Association) will be providing for you. With HOA fees associated with your mortgage, many questions arise regarding the work that is being...

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Searching for Condos Before Knowing If You Can Afford It

We all do it. Fantasize about buying a condominium on the beach or even any new home in a different location. But we do so without even knowing whether or not we can afford it. I can write 10,000 pages on the first steps to take before buying a piece of property but...

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Co-ops, Condos & Condops – OH MY!

Co-ops, Condos & Condops – OH MY!

If you're planning on buying a condominium it helps to know the difference between the variations of the property. There are apartments that are in a cooperative or a co-op, a condominium, and then the very rare and misunderstood condop. Most co-ops are found in...

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Choosing the Right Condo for Your Vacation Lifestyle

Choosing a condominium as a second home or vacation property makes a lot of sense especially if you like the low maintenance lifestyle. Condominiums usually have a condo association or homeowners association that handles a lot of the maintenance, upkeep and repair for...

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